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Subgrade is one of the main structures of the railway and highway. With the speed up and fast development of the railway and highway, and the carrying out of “the railway nets plan of middle and long-term” and “the national highway nets plan”, there will be a great deal of new subgrde engineering in China. On the other hand, with the faster traveling and more comfortable for passengers, railway in service have to be kept in a good state, which must be guaranteed by dynamic tests on their conditions and distress and related maintenances and repair in time. So that subgrade engineering has a bright future and Subgrade Web be found.

Subgrade Web is a specific web address about subgrade engineering and technology. It mainly serves in design and construction of the subgrade engineering, maintenance and inspection of the subgrade in service. Technology, information, consultation and production are offered here too.

The tenet of Subgrade Web is to provide a platform for communicating information, serving engineering and developing together.

Shanghai TieDa Construction Quality Examination Commpany Ltd

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                        Address:Urban Rail Transit and Railway Egineering Department at NO.4800 of Caoan Road in Shanghai

                        Sponsor:Research Team of Professor Yang Xinan in Tongji University
                                 Shanghai TieDa Construction Quality Examination Commpany Ltd

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